The first hydraulic automated gates were constructed for reliability, security, and ease of use. The ability to generate high levels of torque made hydraulic motors preferred when operating large and heavy gates. These gate systems were first used at government installations and major companies.

Houses in Multiple Occupation(HMO) are inhabited by three or more tenants, not of the same family. Landlords of HMO’s are required to own a license from the Local Council Housing Department.

Life became much more accommodating once you installed your security system with CCTV and access control system. Extra expenses that help your surveillance system run efficiently are well worth the investment.

A nurse call system is connected to a device called the nurse call button located at the bedside of a patient. When the button is activated a signal is sent to alert staff of a patient in distress.

First, let us educate you about access control! Access Control is a technological way of controlling the passage in and out of any area of your home or business.

What is CCTV? It is a privately monitored TV system, primarily used for security and surveillance. The strategically placed cameras are used to view areas of your home and business.

Engineering's primary role in the security sector is to identify the tools and methods needed to implement the best security system and ensure current systems continue to evolve.

Do you need an added layer of security for your business? Maybe you want to protect your assets from burglary or vandalism. Commercial automated gates is a sound security investment.

Automated gates protect family, pets, and belongings from would-be intruders. Prevents unfamiliar vehicle from having access to your property. Automatic gate entry is controllable from the comfort of your home or car.

Find peace of mind for your home or business when choosing a monitoring facility. In particular, ARCs, perform a central and critical role in the intruder alarm sector. Activations route through the alarm activation center for review before being routed to the proper authorities.

VIDEX has been a leading supplier and manufacturer of door entry systems since 1985. VIDEX also received the Secure by Design accreditation.

Are you looking to enhance the security of vehicles accessing your property? Is traffic management crucial to your business? Consider contacting Servian for Automated and Manual Car Park Barriers, they have a wide range of reliable and resilient barriers available.

Automatic door systems not only add to the cosmetic appeal of your business they also serve as easy access for the elderly, handicapped and those with children.

A disabled refuge system is a waiting area for those with mobility limitations and those who are disabled. Including but not limited to those unable to walk a continuous 200m without aid. These safe areas are made available for people unable to use stairs, fire escapes, and evacuation lifts.

As a business owner, you are probably contemplating installing or upgrading your current fire detection system. When was the last time you performed a fire risk assessment in the workplace? The safety of your employees and customers should be your number one priority. In this article, Servian will provide you with enough information to make the right decision for your peace of mind.

A domestic wireless intruder alarm is a system installed without the drilling of holes to run unsightly wires throughout your home. Most wireless systems utilize maintainable battery powered transmitters. A full wireless setup and monitoring protect you from a cut or frayed wires, power outages, and internet failure. Most home alarm systems are used to prevent burglaries; although, they do have additional functions.

Closed circuit television or video surveillance is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal for monitoring or recording. This message is sent to a monitor, computer, television, and even a cell phone. CCTV is widespread in areas such as banks, airports, convenience stores, schools, homes or any place in need of security.

Are you contemplating the installation of an automated gate for your business or residence? If so you are not alone. Many companies and homeowners are purchasing automatic gate systems not only for protection but for convenience. Servian can help you make the best possible decision to meet your security needs.

As we continue to evolve in this technologically driven world, the days of lock and key access is over. In pursuit of convenience and heightened security, access control and door entry systems are the best choices. Protecting your business is just as essential as protecting your home and family. Why not start protecting your future today?

Servian Fire and Security Donate Mini Blood Bike to SERV Wessex.

Automated Sliding Gate supplied and installed in Southampton by Servian Fire and Security services for Lambert Brothers Haulage. Servian Fire and Security supply and install Automated Sliding gates, Automated Swing Gates, Automated Barriers and many other aspects of security like the following.

Servian Fire and Security offer a wide range of maintenance products for Southampton, Portsmouth and many other areas. Some of our maintenance services are as follows: Intruder Alarm Maintenance, Fire Alarm Maintenance, CCTV Maintenance, Access Control Maintenance, Door Entry Maintenance, Automated Gate Maintenance, Barrier Maintenance, BT Redcare, Dualcom, Fire Extinguisher Maintenance, 24 Hour Monitoring.

Servian have installed 2 automated car park barriers in Portsmouth for Store Property. We have integrated Paxton access control.

Servian Fire and Security has just installed a new intruder alarm system for a new HPS branch in Southampton. We also have installed an burglar alarm system in Portsmouth for HPS.

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